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About Bria Alexia

All About Nurse Bria Alexia

Hello World! I'm Bria Alexia. I'm a Registered Nurse from Atlanta, Ga. I started my journey in blogging in 2016 and later turned it into my Brand in 2017 after nursing school. I have recently converted my content to nursing, lifestyle, health, travel, and motivation!

I became a travel nurse in January 2020 after obtaining my CCRN certification and working in the ICU setting. During my time as a travel nurse, I will soon continue my education to obtain my MSN degree as a Nurse Practitioner.

I created the Brand and Blog to explore the world of Nursing as a millennial and take you all on my journey. This Blog and my Youtube Channel are to inspire and motivate my peers to reach their goals and prosper in life!!

`Nurse Bria Alexia

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