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Emerald Health at Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta

Emerald Health Services is a travel nursing company that assist Registered Nurses in finding travel nursing assignments and accomodations for living. Being based in California, the company also covers TX, PA, NY and NJ. In addition to travel nursing staffing, they also assist with permanent placement with RNs and Healthcare Executives.The Emerald Connect event was hosted for inspiring and current nurses to learn more about travel nursing. The Mix & Mingle portion allowed for networking and included a panel with well known nurse influencers. ​​

There was hundreds of individuals in attendance. Along with netwoeking, some influencers, such as IamnurseMO, Katie Duke and Babes in Scrubs, has the ability to sell their merch in person.​​

My favorite part of the event was meeting two of the nurse influencers, IamnurseMo and Katie Duke.Nurse Mo is a travle nurse currently working in California. On the panel, she gives us adcice that anything is possible if you want it to happen. Being transparent as she is, she talked about her past struggles and how life is not as great as it seems on social media. Starting her nursing career in Atlanta, Ga, she showeed her passio in nursing and ways she manage working 70 hours a week. Mo has previously started taking solo trips around the word amd loves to explore differennt evironments.   ​

Katie Duke is currently a Cardiac Nurse Practitioner in New York. During the panel, she expressed that failure is not permanent. She was not the best student in college and does not have any family in the healthcare field. As a last resort on being a better person, she decided to try nursing and is now well known for her r her career, She was once in a hospital broadcasting show, but is now working on her brand and as a NP. ​

Overall, the event was very memorable. As a New Graduate Nurse, I learned the hardships of nursing, but I also learned that nursing is a great career. There are so many opportunities out there after getting 1-2 years of experience. My interest in travel nursing has hightened. I am currenty talking to a recruiter to explore my options of travel nursing and receiving information on how to start the application process.​​

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