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To find your niche is to identify or be aware of your passion and interest. In relation to nursing, finding your niche is to identify the specialty of your passion and seeking the desired nursing position of your choice. Nursing is a profession of many options. As a Registered Nurse, there are endless opportunities to select from.

A way to find your niche is to determine your personal characteristics and traits. Are you interested in working with adults or pediatrics? Are you seeking to work in a hospital setting, doctors office/ clinic, or home health? Are you a day shifter or night shifter? List pros and cons to the specialties that you are knowledgeable of and note the ones that sparks your interest.

Where to start?

Nursing School: It is very important to take you clinical rotations serious during nursing school. The clinical sites allow you, as a nursing student, to connect your book knowledge to reality. My advice is to learn all and be interactive during your clinical hours. The clinical locations may seem pointless, but it is helpful to assist you in determining the speciality you will work as a New Graduate Nurse.

Research: Google and Youtube are the best resources that you could rely on. There are many videos and articles listing nursing opportunities and thoroughly explaining ways to become the nurse you are desired to be. As everyone know, Google has any and every topic listed with tons of information. Youtube, on the other hand, will have videos on testimonials from nurses and facilities highlighting their experience. For me, personally, I used youtube for everything during select critical care my specialty.. The visuals of the facilities and units allowed me to grasp the resemblance.

Ask Around: If you are in nursing school, your clinical instructors and professors are of a good source to ask questions. They are not only there to teach you, but they are also there to help you along the way through your journey. Asking them about their experiences in different units will help you build your knowledge as an inspiring nurse. If you are a new graduate nurse and seeking to change specialty, ask coworkers or nurse friends on their experience in the unit and how they feel about it.

Attend nursing events/ conferences: As of recently the nursing community has been booming with events. Over multiples cities, many nursing companies and nurse speakers have hosted events to empower nurses and inspiring nurses in the community. During these events, there are sessions to ask questions to the panelist and this will give you opportunity to learn more about nursing and how it benefits your career.

My Advice to You:

An important thing to remember is to not settle for what is available. After all, your RN license is as valuable as a pot of gold and placing yourself in a position of no desire may cause you to lose your license. It is important to know yourself and find what you like to do.

Do it for the right reason. Find your niche in nursing based on everything YOU! If you love nursing and love your specialty, it will show to your patients and to others. It is ok to leave a position if you are not pleased or happy. Everyone changes and desires change everyday. Nursing is very rewarding and can unintentionally allow you to realize how grateful you are to be of good health. Choosing your niche in nursing will push you to succeed in your career and will motivate you to go over and beyond to care for your patients during each shift.

~Nurse Bria

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