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In today’s world, the trend for millennial RNs is to go back to graduate school to get a higher education as a Nurse Practitioner, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist or even as an Nurse Educator. Many nurses are not aware of certifications that are provided nationally. Most of the time it is from lack of interest or the lack of knowledge.

When to get certified?

Many certifications require a certain amount of worked hours over a certain amount of years. However, I know some nurse that have taken their certification exams after their first year as an RN. The best time to take the certification exam of your specialty is when you are comfortable and confident.

Why get certified?

1) Being a certified nurse makes you more marketable in nursing and the medical industry. When a hospital, facility, or agency know you are certified in your specialty, it not only shows that you are a good nurse, but it also shows that you know what you are doing. Hospitals applying for magnet status are happy when they are able to list the nurses certified in their facility.

2) $$$ Many hospitals give nurses incentives for receiving certifications and there is always a pay raise. As some people say, “my price just went up.” Certifications help you get more money and adds value onto you license and career. Some may think it is a waste of money, but when you are hired, HR has no choice but to add a few more bucks onto your base pay.

3) It is a plus towards your future goals. As a boost in knowledge, it can help towards your knowledge in other aspects of nursing. When applying to graduate school, the schools make their selections based on the ingredients of the application and what the student can provide to the program. The more you add on the better you are to get selected to the school of your desire,

Why I chose to get a certification?

As a nurse working in critical care, there are so many new things to learn. I do not see each and every disorder every day and I would like to be properly prepared when I do. I will be working as a RN for 2 years next month. Another milestone mean more accomplishments. I have worked long and hard in my specialty and believe I deserve to be rewarded with more credentials. With planning on going back to school, the letters will add the icing onto my grad school application. In all honesty, I’m getting it so that I can get recognized and earn more coins!!


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