First off, I would like to thank you all for the endless support on my blog!! IAmNurseBria is OFFICIALLY 1 years old! Happy Anniversary to me! The first year on my blog has been wonderful. I hit my views goal. I have subscribers that consistently read the blog posts. And I doubled my views in the last month of the year. I felt got so much love! I am so excited to see what is in store for this year!

MORE CONTENT!!! During this year, I am looking to branch off from more than just nursing content. There will be Q & A’s , posts on nursing and health topics, motivational and inspirational posts, travel tips and trips and VIDEOS. The fear of recording and uploading videos is over and I’m ready to give you all what you asked for,.

VIDEOS!! As stated before, I am uploading videos. I did a poll on IG and you all said you would like more videos than blog posts. I realized in the current years, everyone is more visual and auditory when it comes to receiving information. And if this brings more individuals to my platform, why not give it a try? Be looking out for a new video this week!!!

CONSISTENCY!! I promised myself this year that I will make a post schedule so that I will have more consistent content every week. I’ve noticed the months where I was more consistent, I received more views and engagement. So starting in February, I will be uploading on a consistent basis. This will be on the blog with posts and also videos attached from YouTube!

AND MORE!! I have so much planned for this year. If time is on my side, I will have so much to share with you all. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and YoutTube channel and stay tuned to see what I will be doing!!

2019 will not only be a big year for more content, but it will be a BIG year for Me:

I plan on traveling more and taking longer trips. I do plan on taking at least one solo trip in the warmer seasons. I plan on getting healthier and sharing my journey with you all. Branding and expanding myself as a person is a big goal for me. I am all things ME this year!! Starting at the beginning of this month, I have decided to get into branding and looking for ways to get myself out there as an blogger. I have had the privilege to work with a company that promotes campaigns and it has been going well so far!!

But with all of this, happiness and gratitude is what I’m going for this year. Living for me and not being distracted by the outside world! Again, THANK YOU ALL for the endless support and let’s take this year on a ride!

XOXO Nurse Bria