At the beginning of this year, I made a promise to myself that I would make my 25th birthday memorable. 25 years in this world is definitely a milestone and with the years of hard work, I deserved a vacation of my dreams!!  After working as an RN non-stop with no vacation, I needed nothing less than a relaxing vacation and stress free time. Punta Cana was one of the many choices that I had and I am glad that I chose to stay in the Dominican Republic. I learned so much about the culture and was able to put some of my Spanish speaking abilities to work. 

On my actual birthday, May 29, I woke up, prayed and thanked God for another prosperous year on this earth and relaxed the entire day. I did everything that I wanted to do. No Stress. No worries. Not thinking about work or even social media. I enjoyed the entire day and was grateful to receive the love that I did. At the end of the day, I went to dinner and was surprised to hear the restaurant staff singing, " Feliz Cumpleaños!"  And of course I had ice cream and cake!!!




The food in the DR is indeed different in taste than the U.S. The fruit and seafood are fresher there. In the resort, as a premium member, I was able to eat breakfast in a separate lounge than the other individuals in the resort. The breakfast foods that I ate mostly were muffins, bagels, croissants, fruits, and eggs. There were way more options, but their source of dairy tastes different and I do not eat pork or lamb. 

Lunch was eaten at the pizza bar, grill by the main pool, or the two buffet areas. My favorite time of the day to eat was dinner. After a long day by the beach and pool, I loved getting dressed  and going to dinner. The resorts allows everyone to make reservations at one of the five restaurants at night (included in stay). The restaurants were Dominican, Japanese, Italian, French, and Mexican. My fave was the Italian and Japanese restaurants.







During this trip, I anticipate on relaxing, relaxing, and more relaxing. There were multiple activities to participate in throughout the day, but for me, I loved chilling by the beach or pool. At about noon every day, the staff will host beach games, such as volleyball and exercising. The pool activities, BTW, were the highlights of the day.

Most of the activities included music, American and Caribbean, and seeing everyone from different cultures dance was a thrill. There were daily pool games, Zumba on the stage, and dancing challenges. And of course, everything was done with drinks involved. At night after dinner, there were nightly shows hosted with live bands, singers, and dancers. There was a different theme each night. Before each show, the staff played games with the audience for prizes, which was very entertaining. 

Other activities included in the resort's stay are: watersports, casino, night club, massages and hot tub soaking, off resort excursions, and daily activities for children to play at the clubhouse. 

​​ ​​



*Everything was included in resort. Only spent more for souvenirs.

*Relaxing atmosphere and pleasant environment

*Ability to eat and drink all day with multiple choices.

*Welcoming staff and visitors were eager to meet others.

*Suite (room) was updated, cleaned daily, and stocked with juices and drinks every day.


*Language barrier with some staff members.

*Unable to attend everything because of multiple activities going on at the same time. 

*No food options to eat after theater shows are over at midnight. 

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Punta Cana. I loved the blue beaches and the relaxing winds. The activities kept me busy and when it was time to get back to the room, my home away from home was rejuvenating. I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate my 25th birthday! I will definitely be back in Punta Cana in the future years!!!