"A report on nurse suicides recently found that the profession had higher rates of death by suicide than non-nurses in the US. " - Business Insider

Mental health is the least talked about topic in the nursing industry and in society. We've seen the happiest individuals in the world commit suicide. And it seems as if they are the people that are more put together, but in reality they were fighting with their inner selves.

Social media has torn the reality from the actual reality of nursing. There has been light brought on nurses bullying their young and nursing burn out, but no one has talked about the increase in nurse suicides.

No one knows the behind the scenes of nurse lives in and out of the hospital. Truth be told, nursing is difficult and challenging. Many people are unable to remove their careers from their lives when they are away from the bedside.

Just think about:

Nurses see trauma and death daily. Nurses have to report all abuses to the hospital even if the patient tells him or her not to. We are held responsible if a patient receives a medication that causes a sentimental event. It may seem like nurses have the best career, but deep down in the truth, it is tough. We hold so much responsibilities in the day to day care that it can be overwhelming.