The Coronavirus Pandemic has put a hold on businesses and the economy as a whole. If you are not aware, states, such as Florida and Georgia, plan to reopen the states with limited restrictions.

Here are reasons to stay home despite the reopening of businesses:

1) The Coronavirus Pandemic has not hit peak! There has been an increase in cases of COVID 19 nationwide. NY is said to be the state with the largest amount of cases, hospitalized and at home. While the cases have not increased as drastically as it did at the beginning, the pandemic is still happening. There is an expected surge to happen all over. A surge is an increase in influx of patients coming to the hospital and being hospitalized because of complications with the virus. With the peak expecting to occur towards the end of the month, it is not a good idea to go outside and be around others. This will lead to a much more increase in cases state and nationwide. "As of noon Tuesday, there were 19,881 cases, 799 deaths, and 3,779 hospitalizations," stated by WSB-TV In regards to the state of Georgia.

2) The unknown is still out there! No one knows the exacts of the virus. There are many individuals that have not been tested that could be carriers of the Coronavirus. While these individuals will be around others, the spread could grow rapidly. With not knowing the outcome of the pandemic, the best thing to do is stay home. There are no confirmed testable vaccinations. We are not sure if those recovering from the virus are immune or could contract the virus again. The biggest unknown is the treatment. There are study trials that each state are trying out to see the improvement in cases. However, these trials are not 100% the cure for the virus itself.

3) No one is safe and gatherings will begin again! Home is always safer than any other place. You cannot control how others act or react. With this being said, people are going to leave their homes and go out as they are pleased. There are "restrictions" applied, such as the order for 10 people or less gatherings, but this is not enough. As we now know, any and every single person can contract this virus. Going out amongst the crowds of others is only putting you and your families at risk!

Please remain safe and knowledgeable during this time! The pandemic is NOT over! The peak has not occurred! The curve will no longer be flattening. This is only opening up more issues and will have a large influx of cases in each state that are looking to open up! Use logic and understand that this is not a good idea! Protection over Power!!