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The vision of becoming a nurse is one thing, but getting through nursing school is another. From experience and stories from other nurses, nursing school can be stressful!

Nursing school/ programs are not like your traditional universities programs.

There are multiple assignments a week. With taking a lecture course, you may have to take a lab and even have a clinical rotation along with it. That is 3 in 1 and if you do not pass one of them, you will have to take all of the 3 components over. In nursing school, ,most of them, you have to have over 70% exam average to pass the course. Meaning if you are not over 70% with all exams totaled in, your other course work will not be included in the course grade. Yes it is that intense!

There are ways to get over nursing school stress:

*Get the help that you need! It is always important to use the resources that are provided from your school. Tutoring: take the free sessions. Study Groups: make them and go to the ones your instructor facilitates. Library books: they are there for a reason. Ask about the most frequent used books in the library and read whatever is relevant to your current course material.

*Have a support system!! It is important, no matter what you are doing, to have a support system. This can be your family, close friends, classmates or even your significant other. You will need someone to be there to listen to your troubles. You will need someone to be at your side when you take that stressful exam or when you have a tough shift during your clinical rotation. Support from others will help you mentally to keep pushing and move on after every obstacle!

*Take a personal day! I know this may sound impossible, but it is necessary. The day after you take an exam, take the rest of that day off. Do self care activities. Go get your toes done. Get a message. Treat yourself to pizza and wine. Do whatever makes you happy and do not think about school for that period of time. Doing this at least a week will allow your mind to relax and realize why you are doing nursing in the first place!

My advice to you is to not allow nursing school to change you mentally. It is a big change in your life, but after nursing school LIFE BEGINS!!!!

`XOXO Nurse Bria

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