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Welcome to IamNurseBria Blog!

Welcome to IamNurseBria!

First off, I would like to thank you all in advance for the support. Over the last few months,  I have received loads of congratulatory praises for accomplishing nursing school and becoming a Registered Nurse. The congratulations are gratefully appreciated and the love is welcomed.

What to expect from the blog?

Iamnursebria is a blog based on all things nursing, lifestyle, and beauty. Here you will follow Nurse Bria Alexia on her journey as a Registered Nurse and how she manages to balance life as well. June 2017, Bria Alexia received her RN license and has been inspired to help inspiring and new (novice) nurses. Throughout the years of Pre- Nursing and Nursing School, there was limited resources in helping her stay motivated and encouraged, but with the struggles comes appreciation. As of today, Bria Alexia is working towards becoming the best nurse she can be and would like you all come along the journey!!!


In the nursing portion, blog posts will consist of all things nursing from how to get into nursing school to how to get into a New Graduate Nurse Program, as well as:

*New Graduate (Novice) Nurse Tips

*Balancing Nursing and Life

*Nursing School Studying and NCLEX Tips

*My Experiences as a Registered Nurse


* Traveling

* Shopping

*Motivational Advice

*Self Help and Self Love Encouragement

*Inspirational Affirmations


*Natural Hair Tips and Updates

*Skin Care Products and Routines

*Trending Makeup Hacks

*Fashion Trends

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